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What’s Driving the PPE Crisis?

Put short – critical demand, with insufficient supply. The crisis has touched every corner of the globe, devastating health care systems and leaving front-line workers extremely vulnerable. The demand for PPE will be critical for the foreseeable future, as medical experts warn. With stay at home orders rescinding across North America, we feel it will not only be mandated, but general workplace health and safety will require institutions to protect their employees. What solutions are the private sector left with to provide adequate PPE to their staff when health care systems themselves are struggling to source and secure supplies? We felt it was our responsibility to address these concerns, and step in to supply all industries throughout North America with adequate, medically grade PPE, sourced and acquired from certified manufacturers across the globe. Balancing price and product quality, we made it our mission to create reliable supply chains and strong partnerships with leading manufacturers in medical innovation and production efficiency. We believe every single individual deserves to be protected from this deadly virus, in all aspects of day to day life.

What do the facts say…


i.e. Hospital supply chains operate within a “just-in-time” structure, meaning hospitals are only stockpiling 30-60 days worth of inventory. After Covid-19, many of the supply chains for PPE were halted, or otherwise diverted, leaving many hospitals with only the PPE they had in their stockpiles. The Department of Health and Human Resources estimates there is currently a 3-6-month delay for key PPE resources. Without those shipments, the hospitals inventory depletes until it runs out.

Hospitals are just one of many institutions affected by the crisis. One of these institutions is the government itself, which was woefully unprepared for a pandemic of this nature. It’s estimated that the federal stockpile would have required 3 billion N95 masks to to fulfill demand during this pandemic. When Covid hit, it only had 12 million. Less then %1 of what was required was ready and available for distribution.

With our Health Care System requiring critical demand, how can small and large businesses continue to operate safely, as we move into the future of post pandemic? How do prices remain affordable with such short supply and increased demand?

This presents these institutions with a new challenge: finding a new supplier they can trust.


While there are many variables to vetting for a new, reliable supplier, the most important questions to ask are:

  1. Is the product FDA approved?
  2. Does the product service my needs at an effective cost?
  3. Can the supplier maintain the required demand for the foreseeable future?
  4. Can the supplier provide evidence of their capabilities?

Even if the supplier seems legitimate, institutions are still susceptible of price gouging.

Hospitals and healthcare workers are being charged up to 100 times what they’re used to paying for PPE during the Covid-19 pandemic. The answer to this problem is simple: more supply. By creating more readily available supply, not only are you helping to remedy the shortage, but also mitigate any type of black market for bad actors who would try and take advantage of the crisis. Because of the current shortage however, PPE is not necessarily going to the places and people that need it most, but to the people with the most money.

If the institution finds a reliable supplier with fair pricing, they are often given unreasonable payment terms.

NAPPE eliminates all these concerns for our clients. Being a licensed medical establishment, it allows us to secure and provide multiple sources of specific PPE, in all quantities, for a guaranteed price point. Creating strategic partnerships and establishing a reliable supply chain was essential to provide this service – mission accomplished.

At this point, if the institution has managed to place an order with a reliable supplier at a reasonable price, there are still 3 major hurdles to clear:


  • Export Customs

Clearing and certifying the product for delivery and distribution from its country of origination. Are you prepared to handle offshore deliveries and transportation logistics? Can you afford delays or other unforeseen problems with your products being imported?

  • Shipping and Delivery

Currently, the total sum for PPE demand is greater than the cargo capacity of the entire planet’s shipping and air network. Think about that. With an inevitable second wave looming, how can you ensure you have an adequate supply of PPE? Will it be delivered on-time? Can you afford another economic shutdown?

  • Import Customs

Once the product arrives, the product must be cleared by the appropriate government agencies before delivery can be made. Even if the institution completes this process, there still is not a guarantee that they will receive their order, due to government seizures. Allow us, the experts, to handle all these concerns so you can focus on the business.

After all the “red tape”, If an institution does finally receive its order, what other problems can possibly arise?

Due to the crisis, the US government has begun seizing shipments of PPE at ports of entry, leaving many institutions empty-handed and either unwilling or unable to procure more. This was especially the case in the beginning of this crisis. Inevitably, faulty goods can present serious complications.


After receiving their order, the institution still needs to verify that the product delivered is the one they purchased. Dealing with manufacturers, trying to source PPE for the best available cost, can be overwhelming in unchartered waters. NAPPE provides security, logistics, and peace of mine during the entire process. We deal directly to provide assurances of product quality, and eliminate all problems associated with the potential of faulty goods.

So why trust NAPPE to facilitate these needs?

Quite simply – It begins with our motive, morals, and initiatives.

“Due to these challenging times, the need for PPE in our private and public sectors is in critical demand. It is no secret this is the case for basically every nation around the world. Suffering from Cystic Fibrosis myself, a chronic illness effecting mainly the lungs, the COVID-19 pandemic is especially concerning for my vulnerabilities. Seeing the shortages, strains, and overall general difficulties our exceptional health care services have had to render, it became my mission to get involved. Unprecedented times require an unprecedented call to arms. It became my life’s mission to provide my services and dedication to keep others safe, one mask, one gown, at a time.”

  • Jared Blandford, CEO and Founder.

Ultimately, providing our clients with all the information and clarity of our realistic workplace future, is essential for allowing businesses to make the right decisions. Every specific business and industry are unique. Government mandates may affect each company differently. The same “cookie cutter” blueprint and supplies may not be appropriate for all. We recognize this concern. To be able to fully service a wide range of businesses, we felt it imperative to offer a variety of PPE products and solutions. Most importantly, however, is to be a reliable source of cost-effective PPE, which does not sacrifice product integrity. Adapting to the new norms in our society is essential for business to not only survive and thrive today in regulatory uncertainty, but to lead the way responsibly into the future.

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